Pipes and Drains

    Whether your pipes are needing testing, repair, or cleaning, our expert team at Above and Beyond Plumbing is here to help. Taking care of your home’s drainage system can prevent costly water bills and further home damage from leaking and clogged pipes.

    Backflow Testing

    The key to preventing potable water from being contaminated with dirty water is proper backflow testing, which ensures that a building’s backflow devices (also called Reduced Pressure Zone valves) are effectively preventing the reversal of water flow and keeping drinking water clean.

    Reduced Pressure Zone valves work by stopping contaminated water from being sucked into drinking water when there are changes in water pressure due to things like leaks, breaks, or fire hydrant use. This change in pressure can cause water to be sucked from your home’s lines that have been contaminated with things like pesticides and feces into the clean water supply. These valves should be tested annually to ensure it is operating properly and to prove certification to city plumbers.

    Drain Cleaning

    If you’ve noticed slow-draining water in your home, clogged drains could be the culprit. Things like debris, grease, lead, soap, and even tree roots can cause your drains to back up and eventually burst when neglected. We offer services to help prevent clogging and damage to your pipes, including clogged sink, clogged floor drain, and clogged main line cleaning. We can also conduct a camera line inspection to check the insides of your pipes with video technology, which enables us to see the cause of the problem.

    Above and Beyond Plumbing serves the Kansas City area for their pipe and drain maintenance needs. Call us today for more information on how we can help!

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