Kitchen Plumbing

    Food That Clogs Your Kitchen Drains

    Most of us have experienced a clogged kitchen drain once in our lifetime. There are just some food that should not be put down the garbage disposal. Check out our list below to see what food you should avoid putting down your kitchen sink.

    • Coffee grounds
    • Pasta/Rice
    • Fruit peels
    • Grease, oil and fats,
    • Eggshells

    When Should I Call A Professional?

    However, if you do put this food down your sink and the drain gets clogged, do not panic. We have all been there before and it can be fixed. Cleaning kitchen drains are a normal home owning chore, but when you have already tried the plunger or a chemical drain cleaner and your kitchen drain is still clogged, it is time to call a professional.

    Let Us Save You From Stress And A Mess

    Dealing with a clogged drain can be messy if you do not know what you are doing, so let our professionals at Above & Beyond Plumbing LLC save you from stress and a mess. Our professional plumbers are trained and equipped to handle any kitchen plumbing issue you throw at them. If you need a drain cleaning or clearing we are the plumbing company for you. For more information about our services, call us today at 816-281-5351.